Tuesday, May 6

The Night Roles


The saboteurs: Heathurt, Rodren, Gemarie, Will, Caitlyn

The doctors: Terrie, Jay

The detectives: Deena, Sadie, Josh

Hope we'll get a good game going in the future.


  1. Angela said...

    Congrats for me I got 5 out of the 7 left. Granted I had one given to me but just think of the damage I could have done had the game kept going. I think that the mafia members I missed Sarah got. Oh well. Better luck next time.

  2. Angela(Yep, me again) said...

    Also you didn't mention who was saved the first night?????

  3. Sarah said...

    Wow, if the game had gone a little longer the Angela and I would have totally ruled! I think between the two of us we had every mafia pegged. Way to go us!

  4. Angela said...

    Yes way to go us, unfortunately we would not have been a majority and if the past two days of posts are anything of a future prediction then Hillary was good about shutting the game down. I mean really it was a weekend and there were only 13 posts in two days. Whatever!!!

  5. Kurt said...

    It's Heather. Thanks for playing, those who did. Thanks so much for moderating Hillary. I liked the idea behind the game. I'm up for a new game whenever we feel like there is some more interest.

  6. Hillary said...

    Sorry, Angela, I forgot to post who was saved. It was Jason and your mom was the one who saved him. Jay had picked Josh to save, but the mafia took him out so it didn't matter anyway.

    Just for fun, I'll tell you who did what during what night.

    The first night Josh asked about Sadie; Sadie asked about Jeff; Deena didn't get a chance with the wedding.

    The second night Josh asked about Danny; Sadie asked about Angela; Deena asked about Angela.

    The third night Josh asked about Heathurt; Sadie asked about Josh; Deena asked about Matthew.

    The first night Terrie saved Jason; Jay saved Josh.

    The second night Terrie saved Matthew.

    The third night Terrie saved Rodren.

    The first night the mafia chose Jay and Jason.

    The second night the mafia chose Jana.

    The third night the mafia chose Deena and Sadie.

    That about wraps it up.

  7. Sarah said...

    Thanks for the wrap-up. It is interesting to know who the detectives thought seemed suspicious. And also who the mafia may have been worried about finding them out. I also think it is funny that Josh asked about Sadie, and Sadie asked about Josh, and both Deena and Sadie thought Angela was suspicous. Maybe because she posts a lot? Who knows, but it was fun while it lasted!